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My cat is being such trouble! All the toys he has and he'd rather play with dirty dishes! I just went to Barnes and Noble. I had a gigantic coffee, and I bought a new book. Stardust by Neil Gaimen. I had the opportunity to go out to a club, but I'm not really in the mood to get dressed up and have to be social, so I'd rather stay in and read. I also bought Go, so I'll probably watch that later too. I like being by myself sometimes. I am watching the new mtv 2, all the music videos. This channel is the only way mtv gets my viewing ratings. I don't watch much tv, so they aren't getting that much outta me.:) Jaded from Aerosmith is on now. I like this video. I like Joe Perry. >:) I was going to by this self help book, on women and the road to self acceptance. I sat down to read some of it, and it ended up being one of these:
"breathe in: I am proud of my body. Breathe out: it will not be the bearer of others guilt."
no thanks! I also got some hot spicy rice I'm gonna make later. yummers! My parents wanted me to go out to eat with them, lol. They are so cute. I gotta go pry my cat out of the sink now.:/
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