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company employees that work over the phone

Why do they always put you on hold? Then forget about you for about 45 minutes?????? Then they get back on the phone, you give them hell, and they do it again? What makes them think they have a right to take that time away from our lives? I thought they were supposed to be helpful. If a customer came into my store, and I made them wait for me for that long, I wouldn't have a job. On the phone ya can't even ask to talk to a supervisor b/c they just put ya on hold again! This is a conspiracy, and we should all be blessed enough to do our work over the phone. Don't wanna help a customer? HANG UP ON THEM! PUT THEM ON HOLD FOR 45 MIN AND MAKE THEM LATE FOR WORK! ARG! Yes, I know they have other customers on their lines also, b/c thats what the recording always tells me when I am on HOLD!

ok, feeling better..... I went to the art institute yesterday for my interview, took my dad. It went really well, and them my pops and I went to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. Then we went to the Gallery , and I bought him a Frankenstein collectable doll. He loved it. Then I came home and went to the mall with Michelle. Later in the night, I eliminated my -whatever he was- from my life, and it felt marvelous. I slept likea rock all night. Today I'm off to work, nights, again. For now I'm gonna go try to call this number again, ;/. wish me luck!
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