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i'm still alive..........

hehehehehehe! I haven't been online much. I've been spending time with someone special!!!! I'm stopping there b/c I am paranoid that i'm gonna screw something up. :) I bought some cd's and shoes today. My thoughts are a bit crowded at the moment, i'm trying to sort so my typing may seem choppy. I went downtown this morning with my dad to checkout the housing for school. It's ok, i just feel like i'm gonna be so cut off from everything here. Not that i'd be so far away, but I guess i'm just stuck in a comfort zone. If my folks move while i'm in school I'd probably have to take it anyway, and buy that time it may be too late to apply for it, so I have to do it when i start my course i guess. Not unless they can assure me that they'd at least be here another year, and i could apply for it next summer, but I don't know if I can ask them about that for some reason. I don't want them to feel bad for finally wanting something they've wanted for so long. My head is swimming, i'm going to go rest.
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