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My cat is so bad I told him I'm making a cuisine out of him! I just got up and am sipping on tangerine juice, yummmmy! I'm going out to lunch with my sister today, i made plans with my sister and her b/f is coming too. Then we're going to the mall or something. I am finishing up my book, I've been so wrapped up in it, I can't wait to see what happens! Works been ok. I left a few minutes early yesterday becasue my gramma, aunt, and cousin cam eup for dinner. Being that I missed the dinner, (they saved it for me), I wanted to at least spend some time with them. Everytime we have a dinner or something, I make a late appearance a la work. I'm hanging in there. Gonna go get ready, we're going to a vegetarian chinese resturant. It's supposed to be good.
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