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Sun then rain......

Past few days have been really nice, in the morning. Then bam! Rain hits! Go figure. I spent my day off really cool. I went to breakfast with my mom, then to the mall to buy stuff I didn't really need, then we got fruit smoothies. We just ran out for hot fresh bagels. I'm seriously thinking about going to Disney wrold again, before I start school. Possibly going somewhere. I wanna travel before I go b/c once I'm in school I will be preoccupied. Except my friends are broke, and who could possibly go with me would most likely be a pain in the ass the whole time. I don't wanna spend a vacation that way either. MY sister won't be able to go b/c her and her b/f are going to Vegas, so she'll be broke as well. I dunno, I still wanna go to Singapore....... I'll have to see how things work out, hopefully it'll work itself out. For now, I am off to workout a bit, then finish up a book. Toodles!
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