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I am so tired I am silly!

Work work work, all I do. I went bowling with some friends the other day, after spending the day walking a gigantic mall. I dunno what happened, but i somehow bruised the fronts of my legs. From there, bowling, got home around 4am. Then it was up for work! Then again today! who hoo. Tomorrow i'm off, but gotta be up early anyways, then to a hockey game at night with a friend. I don't really wanna go, but it would be mean to bail on her, so I gotta go. I'm gonna try to sneak a nap in somewhere. My cat was such a little punk last night. He knocked my cd tower of Tori cd's over looking for ponytail holders. They are all in order by release. He's not getting treats for a while! Work was good today, despite my lack of rest. I came home and had chinese, yum! Doing wash now, and i'm in the middle of a great book. I'm gonna keep the reading up tonight.
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